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Holiday Gifts for the Senior in Your Life

There is almost certainly no one on your holiday gift list more difficult to buy for than a special older adult in your life. It might be a parent, grandparent, close relative or a good friend. Regardless, usually when you ask what they would like it’s nearly impossible to get even a hint. We usually hear, “I don’t need anything.” Or “Just get me something nice.” Not very helpful.
To help you get started on your holiday shopping, 20 gift ideas follow. Some will support independent living; others will give your loved one an enjoyable experience; and others will include time for you to share. And some are simply a way to give the gift of your time, which may be the best gift of all.

  1. A houseplant – Aloe, philodendron, peace lily, and peperomia are hearty and easy to care for.
  2. DVD of a favorite movie – It might be “True Grit,” “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” or another title that will bring back fond memories. The Peoria Public Library’s DVD collection can be a great source for a “movie of the month club,” curated by you!
  3. Senior computer/tablet – Tablets designed for use by a senior can be an excellent way for them to keep in touch with family – local and distant. Plan to help with setup and getting started.
  4. PERS/Medical alert – Many of today’s medical alert systems are unobtrusive, mobile and even include GPS. They make living independently safer.
  5. “Coupons” for visits or shopping trips – For the senior who no longer drives or who doesn’t drive at night.
  6. Subscription to Netflix or Amazon Prime – Streaming services offer a wealth of content for the senior who has Internet in their home.
  7. Help at home – For someone who could use help with their laundry or transportation to the grocery store once or twice a week, a home care aide, paid for by you, could be the solution to getting them a little help.
  8. Stationery set and stamps – For those who love to write letters and notes, this is a practical and welcome gift.
  9. Shower bench – Eighty percent of seniors’ falls occur in the bathroom. A bench can make the shower safer.
  10. Chocolates – No more needs to be said.
  11. Pay for grocery delivery – Good nutrition is an important part of a senior’s wellbeing; home delivery can eliminate a significant obstacle.
  12. Lawn care or snow shoveling service – Even for the senior who enjoys gardening, lawn care can become too much. Snow shoveling is always welcome.
  13. Gift certificates to favorite restaurant – Especially if you accompany and share the meal.
  14. Gift certificate to a favorite barber or beauty parlor – You may find a barber or beautician who will come to the home.
  15. Tickets to play or symphony – Plan to accompany and make it a theater night. Matinees are a smart idea.
  16. Membership in a food of the month club – There are many choices, ranging from snacks to steaks. Maybe they will share!
  17. Cleaning service – After many years of keeping house, this is a welcome gift.
  18. Bird feeders – Watching birds through a kitchen window can be a source of great pleasure. Include seed and keeping the feeders filled as part of the gift.
  19. Cash card for the grocery store – This is a practical gift and always welcome. Dress it up in a stocking full of goodies from the store.
  20. Photos of grandchildren – Photos are always welcome. A photo book of a special time together is not difficult to make from smartphone pictures and is a great one-of-a-kind gift.

Merry Christmas from Apostolic Christian Skylines Home Care Services! We wish you a Happy and Healthy 2018.

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